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Fire caulking

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Permanentely Restore compartimentation

Compartimentation Openings for doors  and cables Restore compartimentation


High technological density requires dynamic and flexible infrastructure. 

Common flaws on firestopping comes from common issues: more cables, phasing between contractors and  cable segregation, preconnected cables, trainning and certification for contractors ...

For Cable management maintaining firestopping has always been a Very hard task, until now ! 


EZ-Path™ : The firestop solution for high traffic openings from CABLOFIL®

Continually changing technology and the expanding data and telecommunications needs of many industries results in constant cable additions and changes penetrating fire rated barriers.

Safe - Permanent firestop protection

Ez-Path offers maximum resistance to fire whether it is empty or full.
It is your assurance of excellent fire protection with every new or retrofit cable installation.

Easy - Quick and easy installation

Ez-Path installs in minutes. Ez-Path can be ganged for expansion or segregation of cables and provides excellent cable management.

Economical - Evolutionary

Ez-Path features a built-in firestopping system that automatically adjusts to the number of cables installed.
Cables can be added or changed without the need to remove and re-install firestopping material.

Electical continuity and EMC - Conforms to the standard

Ez-Path is completely compliant with the electrical continuity code and electromagnetic compatibility Ez-Path installations offer a clean, professional and engineered appearance.

A unique system - An exclusive product

Two intumescent pads cushion and conform to cables top and bottom and prevent smoke propagation through the opening even if the intumescent material has not expanded yet (Cold smoke).
Exposed to fire or high temperatures, this intumescent material responds to flames or heat by rapidly sealing the pathway and preventing the passage of flames and smoke.

Certified product - Conforms to the International standards

Fire-rated floor and wall constructions in accordance with

• the European standard EN1366-3

• the American standard ASTM E814(UL1479)

• the FM Approved certified assembly