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Enclosure Integrity

Reliable Smoke Sealing
The ONLY Cable Retrofit Solution Providing Truly RELIABLE & PREDICTABLE Smoke Sealing. EZ-Path’s square shape allows cables to nest more tightly raising loading efficiency to as much as 85%. This means less smoke. And unlike other products, EZ-Path’s published ratings are not dependent on the installation of additionalfire stopping material or pieces of foam.

Enclosure Integrity for Gaseous Suppression Systems
Is EZ Path® a more predictable choice for cable penetrations?
When it comes to engineering gaseous suppression systems, traditional sealing methods for cable penetrations such as caulk or putty or devices integrating foam plugs or requiring an action to open or close the device, introduce variables that can make designing effective enclosures a difficult task.
Since EZ Path® is essentially self-sealing, we have often been asked about how it might perform in this environment. We posed this question to one of the foremost authorities on enclosure integrity testing in North America, Tim Lochner, a professional engineer who designed, developed, and provided instruction on the equipment used to run the pressure tests dictated by the relevant standards.
Follow the link below to find out why Tim feels that EZ Path’s predictable performance makes it worth considering for these applications.

Total flooding gaseous suppression systems rely on the tightness of the enclosure




Data center

Improved Cabling Infrastructure