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When it comes to traditional firestopping methods, you never stop paying. You pay to put it in and every time you make cable changes, you do it again. The more changes you make, the more it costs you both in time and money… Not to mention disruption!

Implementing Ez-Path®

Firestopping is No Longer the Problem with he Only Truly Automatic Firestop System!
EZ-Path® customers benefit from greatly enhanced cable management. The EZ-Path® System allows cable installations to be easily organized by type, use, or trade… Or any other way that you might like to do it. Pathways installed in walls provide managed portals through which cables can easily be routed.  

   To ensure your firestop installation is a success, simply follow the steps below:
1. Define the type and number of modules in accordance with the number of cables (see table below ).
2. Identify the type of installation: thin partition, concrete wall, concrete floor, etc.
3.1. Check the existing framework.
3.2. If there is none, select suitable tools for the material involved (saw, crown saw or a diamond coring system) and
make an opening.
4. Select finishing plates with the help of the tables below.

Horizontal installation

Module 22 Cat. N° Code Kit Dry partitions
Sawn framework
0 Coring with crown saw
Concrete wall
0 Coring
in place

23 31

250518 Only sold
as a kit
with a module
+ 2 plates
45X45 mm
52 mm
45X45 mm

Please note! Not all steel wire cable trays are the same. The mechanical and electrical characteristics, tests, certifications, overall quality management aspects and recommendations referred to in this technical guide are relevant to CABLOFIL® only and cannot, under any circumstances, be applied to other similar or imitation products.


Maximum module capacity

  of cables (mm)
3.5 4.5 5.5 6 7.5 8 10 14 16 18 21 22 24 26 29 32 38 48 60 70 75
Modules Maximum number of cables
EZDP22 58 30 20 17 11 10 6 3                          

The table above provides an estimate of the maximum number of cables that each module can accommodate.
* Within the context of renovation work, if cables are already in place in the duct, modules can be caulked directly into the wall.

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